Dual Diagnosis – How to Fix those Co-Occurring Disorders?

A dual diagnosis patient experiences a range of symptoms, including anxiety, indifference, impulsiveness, recurring ideas and other psychotic disorders. Although both personality disorder and alcohol or drug issue are curable illnesses, lots of people do not know how to deal with the issue. Because of this, one needs to pick a fantastic rehab centre equipped with different treatment options which could help him come from the debilitating condition.  It is crucial to cure the conditions. Using this method, a person increases his odds of complete recovery and return to the normal productive life.

Treatment of the psychological condition

If someone is struggling with substance abuse problem and the underlying mental condition, integrated intervention is the best treatment option. In this, the patient receives care for both substance abuse and mental illness. The treatment for dual diagnosis could be time consuming and has greater odds of addiction relapse when compared with the treatment for one disorder. These patients generally have a poor prognosis and general health because of the existence of two chronic problems.

Most patients have been given a standard treatment with different therapeutic sessions and cognitive instruction. Some of them were provided a particular disease treatment program and were advised to stay abstinent. The latter group was also given cognitive behavioural therapy, together with psycho educational training. Following this page study, you can conclude that patients receiving the disorder-specific therapy were also motivated to abstain from substance abuse unlike traditional therapy. This method cannot offer a comprehensive treatment for dual diagnosis; as a result, the above hypothesis has to be further examined on a larger sample to understand its potential.

Patients diagnosed with dual Diagnosis need a particular type of therapy, and inpatient rehabilitation programs is the best choice. In these programs the patients are kept away from distractions, and experts assist them with behavioural treatments to ensure positive results. Regular care from trained Doctors and customized therapies may largely aid a residential patient to cope with the strain. A rehab centre offers inpatient program which requires participants to reside at the centre for the length of the treatment. These programs are specifically designed to help addicts recover in the dual conditions through integrated interventions.

In many instances, Healthcare professionals may adhere to only behavioural treatment for patients that are uncomfortable taking drugs; given their history of substance abuse it is important they Recognize it took a very long time to hurt these connections and it will take a lot of effort and time to improve them. Accepting these problems and working on them from the start is a fantastic idea. Social issues are also problematic as the customer is faced with interacting without alcohol or drugs.

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